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SNMP Legacy Integration FAQ

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Control Remote Site Equipment
T/Mon and the NetGuardian enable you to control remote site equipment over the network.

QUESTION #2: "Can I control building automation equipment like HVAC, lighting, and card access over the network?"

Proxy agents like the NetGuardian 832A support control relays as well as alarm points. You can operate the proxy agent's control relays by issuing a SNMP SET command from your SNMP manager, or you can issue a control command from T/Mon.

The command is received by the proxy agent, and the proxy agent activates the appropriate control relay to operate the equipment.

You can use your proxy agent to control the equipment you listed, plus other remote site equipment like security locks, lights, backup generators or anything else.

QUESTIONS #3 and 4: "Can I adapt TL1 to SNMP?" "Can I adapt SNMP to TL1?"

You can do both ‒ if you have the right protocol mediation device. T/Mon supports SNMP and TL1 as both an interrogator and a responder. With T/Mon as a protocol mediator, you can either monitor TL1 devices with an SNMP manager or you can monitor SNMP devices with a TL1 master.

QUESTION #5: "Can I integrate my existing Larse platform, and will the SNMP output be compatible with HP OpenView?"

You can get a protocol mediation solution even for older proprietary equipment. T/Mon can poll alarms from Larse remote telemetry units, and will forward the alarms in an SNMP trap format that is compatible with HP OpenView or any other SNMP management platform.

Watch out for this potential obstacle to successful integration

Your integration project may require custom development to support legacy protocols - for example, T/Mon didn't always support Larse remotes. One specific client needed that capability to fully integrate his legacy systems.

Choosing the right vendor for custom development is critical. You might hear a lot of big talk and promises, but not every vendor has custom development capabilities.

When you're evaluating vendors, be skeptical, ask questions - above all, look for experience. Don't take a sales rep's word that his company can do custom development. Ask how many systems they've worked with, how many different protocols they support, and check for client testimonials.

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