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Monitor Non-SNMP Devices, Mediate Alarm Data to SNMP, and Forward Traps to Your Existing SNMP Manager

Get High-Quality Visibility of Your Non-SNMP Remotes.

A standard SNMP manager is not a solution for monitoring non-SNMP remotes. There are 7 key telemetry functions not supported by off-the-shelf SNMP managers that are essential to acquiring the best-quality visibility of non-SNMP remotes.

If you have extensive networks of non-SNMP remotes to monitor, the correct solution is an integrated multi-protocol master. This type of master will support a wide variety of protocols, allowing you to integrate all your monitoring onto one platform.

Monitor Non-SNMP Devices, Mediate Alarm Data to SNMP, and Forward Traps to Your Existing SNMP Manager

Save on Expenditure, Operational and Maintenance Costs.

Using a single interface for all your monitoring applications will:

  • Create substantial savings in initial expenditure, operational, and maintenance costs.
  • Save your investment in legacy protocol devices.
  • Give you a smooth transition to advanced telemetry capabilities.
  • Allow you to network equipment upgrade costs over several budget cycles. Both old and new equipment types are supported by the multiprotocol master.

Use Multiple Display and Notification Options.

A multi-protocol master will also give you a wider range of options for displaying your alarm data and sending alarm notifications. The right master supports multiple notification and display methods to ensure that critical information gets to the people who need it, text message notification, e-mail notification, a Web Browser interface, and optional presentation software that displays information on a physical map of your network.

Forward Alarms From Your Master to Your SNMP Manager.

An advanced multi-protocol master will also forward alarms as SNMP traps. If you have a pre-existing SNMP manager that you want to use as your top-level master, you can do that with the right supporting master. Your mid-level master must support the various protocols it will monitor, then be able to mediate all of the collected alarms as SNMP traps to your SNMP manager.

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