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Mediate Contact Closures Collected at Your Main Distribution Frame to SNMP

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  • Collecting contact closure alarms from a main distribution frame ordinarily requires ours of tedious cross-connecting between a terminal block and an SNMP remote telemetry unit.
RAB 176N Front panel
Fig. 6. The Remote
Alarm Block 176N


The Remote Alarm Block 176N combines the functions of a terminal block and an SNMP RTU. This provides easy conversion of contact closures to SNMP traps right at your main distribution frame. The RAB is a compact alarm block that mounts directly to your MDF, or to the wall if space is at a premium. The wires at the distribution frame are conneccted directly to the Remote Alarm Block's wire-wrap terminals. The only thing that comes out is one Ethernet cable. That cable connects directly to your LAN and your SNMP manager.

Mediate Non-SNMP Alarms to SNMP

• Need to monitor non-SNMP equipment from your SNMP manager.

T/Mon NOC's alarm collecting and alarm forwarding capabilities combine to create a protocol mediation solution. T/Mon collects the alarms in their original protocol, mediates them to SNMP traps, and forwards the traps to your SNMP manager.
Any alarm that T/Mon collects can be mediated to an SNMP trap. Once again, you can filter which alarms T/Mon forwards, so you only see the alarms you want to see.

Mediate SNMP Alarms to TL1

• Need to monitor SNMP equipment from your TL1 manager.

T/Mon NOC can also mediate alarms to any of its supported output protocols, including TL1. T/Mon NOC will collect alarms from SNMP devices or any other supported equipment and mediate the alarm inputs to TL1 autonomous messages, forwarded to your TL1 manager.

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