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What Is The Value of SCADA?

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As I'm sure you can imagine, this very short list barely hints at all the potential applications for SCADA systems. SCADA is used in nearly every industry and public infrastructure project - anywhere where automation increases efficiency.

What's more, these examples don't show how deep and complex SCADA data can be. In every industry, managers need to control multiple factors and the interactions between those factors. SCADA systems provide the sensing capabilities and the computational power to track everything that's relevant to your operations.

What's the Value of SCADA to You?

Maybe you work in one of the fields I listed; maybe you don't. But think about your operations and all the parameters that affect your bottom-line results:

• Does your equipment need an uninterrupted power supply and/or a controlled temperature and humidity environment?

• Do you need to know - in real time - the status of many different components and devices in a large complex system?

• Do you need to measure how changing inputs affect the output of your operations?

• What equipment do you need to control, in real time, from a distance?

• Where are you lacking accurate, real-time data about key processes that affect your operations?

Real-Time Monitoring and Control Increases Efficiency and Maximizes Profitability

Ask yourself enough questions like that, and I'm sure you can see where you can apply a SCADA system in your operations. But I'm equally sure you're asking "So what?" What you really want to know is what kind of real-world results can you expect from using SCADA. Every second that your equipment is down or functioning improperly has the potential to harm your customers and thus your business and its reputation, so make sure it is being monitored.

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