Unboxing: See What You Get When You Order A NetGuardian RTU

Here's what to expect when you get your NetGuardian RTU shipment from DPS:

When you open your box, you'll notice that you have your unit and your setup kit. If you pull out your setup kit and open it up, you'll see that you have everything you need to set up your NetGuardian.

In a bag, you have a craft cable for initial unit configuration, which you can alternatively do via IP. There's also a phone cable you'll use if you use the POTS connection for dial-up access.

There's also a USB drive that comes with the NGEdit configuration software.

In another bag, you have all of your hardware required for mounting the unit into a rack. You also get power and analog plugs and the fuses for the unit.

It's important to note that the fuses for the unit do not come shipped in the device itself. They're separate in the box to avoid damage during shipment.

Then, you have one last piece of paper in the bottom. This lets you know that the user manual is not shipped in the box - but you can find it on the DPS website.

Also listed is our phone number, which you can always call for your free lifetime tech support.

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