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Sewer Treatment & Pumping Station:
Monitor Your Plant 24/7 via Robust SNMP Alarms With NetGuardian...

24/7 Monitoring of Your Sewer Treatment and Pumping Station With NetGuardian...
24/7 Monitoring of Your Sewer Treatment and Pumping Station With NetGuardian...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This application will show you how to monitor your Sewer Treatment & Pumping Station. This solution consists of two (2) NetGuardian G4's along with the 110VAC Wall Transformer for each unit as your monitoring solution. The NetGuardian G4, powered by the 110VAC Wall Transformer, will be able to monitor your water treatment pumps and blowers via contact closures, your current sensor(s) via the analog ports and ultimately report a descriptive alarm message via email to your cell phone or PC. The NetGuardian G4 also comes with a built in web browser so you can access the alarm information at any time.

With internet connectivity, this solution gives you the most reliability and flexibility to monitoring your water treatment facility twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. NetGuardian G4's analog may be configured for 4-20mA loop sensors through the use of a external dip switch.

Each NetGuardian G4 will require a pair of the amphenol cables. Each of the 66-blocks will be able to accommodate up to a single amphenol port from the NetGuardian G4, so a total of two will be required for each NetGuardian.