Transport Migration

NetGuardian can report over 202, FSK, or RS-232
NetGuardian 832A T/Mon NOC The NetGuardian can report over 202, FSK, or RS-232 directly to T/Mon NOC, or over RS-232 or dial-up to a PPP server.


The NetGuardian is the ideal RTU for networks in transition. If you need to install network alarm monitoring now, but you know your data transport is going to change, the NetGuardian is the right choice. You can use one remote now and far into the future, without having to pay twice for the same capabilities.

In the diagram shown, the NetGuardian first supports serial or dial-up connection. Then when LAN is installed at the site, all you have to do is plug a standard Ethernet cable into the NetGuardian's standard 10BaseT port.

NetGuardian supports LAN transport with dial-up backup
T/Mon NOC NetGuardian 832A In its standard configuration, the NetGuardian supports LAN transport with dial-up backup.

You can then turn the serial channel down, or maintain the dial-up connection as a backup data path.

Migration with legacy replacement

The NetGuardian is also the ideal RTU for controlled migration from legacy remotes.

The illustration shown here is based on the network configuration of a client who uses legacy Pulsecom Datalok RTUs to monitor old analog microwave radio sites. Before the client upgraded his network monitoring, the Dataloks reported to a legacy master.

New digital microwave sites were being added to the network. DPS Telecom designed a comprehensive legacy migration solution:

Controlled migration path with T/Mon NOC and the NetGuardian
NetGuardian 832A NetGuardian 832A T/Mon NOC T/Mon NOC Upgrading is as easy as 1,2,3: Controlled migration path with T/Mon NOC and the NetGuardian

The old legacy master was replaced with a T/Mon system equipped with the Pulsecom Datalok Interrogator software module. The Pulsecom units now report directly to the T/Mon on an overhead channel on the analog microwave.

At the new digital microwave sites, NetGuardian 832A RTUs are installed. The NetGuardian's also report to the T/Mon via LAN over the digital radio.

If a Pulsecom unit breaks down, it's replaced with a new NetGuardian unit that can report over the same overhead channel the Pulsecom used.

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