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KDA 864: Ordering Options

KDA 864 Remote Alarm Solution
The KDA provides 64 reversible alarm inputs (56 ground closure, 8 dual opto), 8 N.O. relay form A contacts, wire wrap connectors, rack mountable 19" & 23".

Ordering Options
The KDA 864-SNMP brings conventional discrete alarm and control points to your existing SNMP management system, using your already deployed 10 Base-T network.
KDA 864 G2-TL1
The KDA 864-TL1 reports to an OSS using Transaction Language 1 (TL1) protocol. The KDA reports alarms over dedicated or dial-up circuits. On-site personnel can see alarms on the front panel LEDs or have full interactive monitoring by connecting a personal computer to the front panel craft port.
KDA 832 G2-T8
The KDA832-T8 has 32 alarm points, 8 relays and 8 TBOS ports monitoring a vast majority of sites that require telecommunications or environmental supervision. Each TBOS port uses an RS485/RS422 interface and may be configured to poll any combination of alarm displays up to the 8 allowable by the TBOS protocol. Each port can be set to operate at either 1200 or 2400 baud.
KDA 864 G2-E2
The KDA 864-E2 communicates with E2, E2A and TRIP Protocols. It brings flexibility and intelligence to your E-System Monitoring Network. Flexible to handle today's needs and intelligent enough to fulfill future demands.
KDA 864 G2-TS
A clock in the KDAs firmware records to the nearest 1/100 of a second the time that an alarm occurs. This "time-stamp" is reported with the alarm during the next alarm reporting cycle.
KDA 864 G2-TAP
This KDA reports alarms over dial-up circuits to up to four pagers via a TAP paging terminal. It also reports to numerical pagers, ASCII terminals and to the IAM alarm management system.
Expansion Cards
Network Interface Adapter (NIA)
The Network Interface Adapter (NIA) card fits in the KDA expansion card slot to interface it directly to an Ethernet 10 Base-T network
Building Access Controller
The BAC is a -48 VDC powered expansion card for the KDA. The unit maintains a list of personnel who are authorized to access the facility.
4 Channel TBOS Expansion for KDA 864 G2
Expansion board for the KDA that provides 4 TBOS polling ports. Each port may poll up to 8 displays of data (512 alarm points). Unit is provisioned to determine which displays are polled, along with communication parameters. RS485/RS422 interfaces. TBOS data is converted to a single DCP(f) address for optimum polling performance.
8 Channel TBOS Expansion for KDA 864 G2
Same as above, but provides 8 ports. TBOS data is converted into two DCP(f) addresses.
16 Channel Analog Card for KDA 864 G2
Same as above, but provides 16 analog channels. Features automatic range scaling.
16 Channel Analog Card for KDA 864 G2
Expansion board for the KDA that provides 16 analog inputs. Each channel has 4 voltage scales, 4-20MA operation, and two over/under alarm thresholds. Reports temperatures, pressure, humidity, voltages, signal strengths, etc.
24 Relay Expansion Assembly for KDA 864 G2
Expansion board for the KDA that provides an additional 24 N.O. Form A type relays giving the KDA a total of 32.
Alarm Point Conditioner, APC
Adapts KDA inputs to battery, TTL or CMOS alarm sources