The Protocol - Jan/Feb 2000

KDA TL1/NIA passes NEBS level 3

DPS' year of 1999 was filled with exciting events, but the one that stands out over all of the others, was our completion of the NEBS Level 3 approval process at our NRTL. We also went the extra mile to have the units subjected to the additional testing required to use the CE Mark. The KDA TL1 with NIA card or analog card is now available in a NEBS Level 3/CE Mark configuration.

NEBS Level 3 Certificate of Compliance

The KDA TL1 and NIA card combination offers the greatest challenge to passing the stringent NEBS Level 3 requirements, so it was a natural candidate for our initial compliance testing. Some of the European Directives require more rigorous testing for certain parameters in order to use the CE Mark, so we had additional testing done by our NRTL in order to meet this higher standard as well.

Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) testing covers two major areas: electrical parameters and environmental conditions. Product safety tests are a major focus of the program and safety has always been an important aspect of the DPS Design process.

National Technical Systems has issued reports (NTS No. 974-7407A, B, & CE) which show the electrical, environmental and safety performance of our products and their compliance to both NEBS Level 3 and European Directives. Our test units were subjected to lightning stroke, humidity, heat, cold, gases, dust, drop, vibration, altitude, flame and earthquake among many other conditions, with no failures. All forms of electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing were passed as well.

You now have the opportunity to use DPS wide-ranging telemetry devices in all of your co-locations. This successful compliance testing result means that you and all of your clients will be able to match our Internet appliances to the installed legacy base without restriction.

Call DPS Telecom today so that we can discuss your NEBS Level 3 or CE Mark equipment requirements.

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President's Letter: Setting the New Pace...

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry,

I am committed to providing you the best network monitoring and control products. Not only products of the highest quality and functions, but I am also committed to bringing them to you as fast as your needs change.

This is the real challenge that DPS and your vendors face. Technology changes FAST! No sooner do you get one service into your revenue stream, then POW your customers want something faster, more robust and of course less expensive. And let's not forget they want guaranteed up time!

That is where DPS comes in. We continue to develop new in-house tools and processes that allow us to design new solutions for your changing networks. Not only do we handle you new technology needs, but we keep up with both your legacy gear and your changing workforce realities too.

As things change, we'll be here for you - Rely on it!

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