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DPS RTUs In NEMA Enclosures: Built For Extreme Environments

Are you having trouble finding monitoring equipment for your remote sites that is able to withstand harsh and extreme environments? Do you need a Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control solution that's tough enough to operate under environmental extremes?

DPS gear can now be enclosed in durable NEMA cases for use in hostile environments with creative mounting options for status viewing and connector access! With a suitable NEMA enclosure, you can now use your DPS monitoring solutions at distant remote sites that are susceptible to extreme weather conditions. DPS Engineers will help you select a NEMA enclosure to protect your RTU and other equipment from extreme elements.

DPS Telecom equipment in a NEMA case
You can place your critical monitoring equipment inside a NEMA integration case.

By getting your monitoring gear and a NEMA enclosure from the same place, you'll avoid the hassle of purchasing everything you need from multiple vendors. You can speed up deployment time frames, avoid purchasing headaches, and solve all of your monitoring needs in one stop.

Couple these rugged enclosures with the durable, industrial-grade design of all DPS monitoring solutions, and you have tough monitoring gear that can withstand just about any environment.

Several DPS solutions come with a wide-range temperature option - which means these devices can withstand extreme heat and cold. For example, the NetGuardian 832A G5 RTU features a build option that can withstand -22 degrees F to 140 degrees F (-30C to 60C). Putting a rugged RTU like this into a waterproof NEMA enclosure means you can use your gear almost anywhere - no matter how harsh the climate.

Case Study: Building Access in an Extreme Environment

Up in the Northwest, a communications company needed a building access and control system that could withstand the extreme cold and wet weather. It's no secret that water and electronic equipment don't get along. They needed Entry Control Units (which allow keypad and proxy card access) at their remote sites, but also needed a way to keep these devices dry. These units would be used to control entry through gates, which were outside of their buildings - exposed to cold, wind, rain, and snow.

By enclosing their Entry Control Units in a NEMA case, they were able to achieve the level of physical security they wanted at their remote sites, without leaving their gate control to the whims of the weather, or worse, completely unmonitored.

NEMA Integration Application Drawing
By enclosing an Entry Control Unit in a NEMA enclosure, this company was able to have entry control at their gates, without having to worry about extreme weather damaging their gear.

Now, this communications company enjoys the first-class functionality of DPS Telecom equipment in their harsh Northernwestern climate. NEMA enclosures helped them achieve the perfect-fit monitoring solution they needed, no matter the environmental conditions.

Getting started hardening your equipment

If you have monitoring gear that's going to be exposed to the elements, then you have to take the extra steps to ensure this gear is protected. The best way to protect your valuable equipment is to deploy a monitoring solution that's rugged and durable. By enclosing DPS gear in a NEMA enclosure, you can be confident that no matter where you use your equipment, it's going to work.

To get started learning more about hardening your DPS gear for harsh environments, call (1-800-693-0351) or email (sales@dpstele.com) one of the monitoring experts at DPS Telecom. They can answer your questions, help you design the perfect-fit solution, or even provide you with a free Return-on-Investment (ROI) analysis - so you can see how quickly remote monitoring tools will pay for themselves.

You may also use the form at the top and bottom of this page to get in touch with Mac Smith, who can also answer your questions and get started protecting your equipment.

For more information on NEMA cases: Nema Knowledge Base