Control Processing Module

Control Processing Module

The CPM provides 16 control relay outputs and 8 alarm inputs for remotely activating external devices upon command from T/MonXM. The CPM supports momentary, latch/release, as well as select before operate commands. The CPM works in concert with other CPM s for applications that require large amounts of controls. The CPM is available in several voltages & models.

View other Modular Alarm System pieces:

Modular Alarm Transmitter (MAT)

An alarm collection device that supports 32 ground closure alarm inputs.

TL1 Responder Module (64 & 128)

Mediates TL1 Protocol between conventional alarms and TL1 OS or ASCII Terminal.

8-Port TBOS Collector

Collects portions of up to 8 TBOS ports and combines into one TBOS port and also converts TBOS data into one DCPF Port.

4-Port MUX

Combines up to 4 TL1 ports into one TL1 port.

TBOS-ASCII Converter (TAC) 400-Type

TAC's work in pairs to transport TBOS and ASCII data on a common channel, reducing circuit requirements.

13 Position Fuse Module with Fuse Alarm

A fuse module that is designed to individually protect 13 cards in a 400 type shelf.

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