Control Processing Module

Control Processing Module

The CPM provides 16 control relay outputs and 8 alarm inputs for remotely activating external devices upon command from T/MonXM. The CPM supports momentary, latch/release, as well as select before operate commands. The CPM works in concert with other CPM s for applications that require large amounts of controls. The CPM is available in several voltages & models.

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Modular Alarm Transmitter (MAT)

The Modular Alarm System allows you to configure large remote telemetry units for the exact capacity and functions you require. Many protocols are supported, including TL1. This system is great for central offices or sites with large quantities of discrete alarms (major, minor, environmental, security, etc.). The Modular Alarm System uses a unique Micro-LAN Channel for data communications between modules.

TL1 Responder Module (64 & 128)

Mediates TL1 Protocol between conventional alarms and TL1 OS or ASCII Terminal.

8-Port TBOS Collector

Collects portions of up to 8 TBOS ports and combines into one TBOS port and also converts TBOS data into one DCPF Port.

4-Port MUX

Combines up to 4 TL1 ports into one TL1 port.

TBOS-ASCII Converter (TAC) 400-Type

TAC's work in pairs to transport TBOS and ASCII data on a common channel, reducing circuit requirements.

13 Position Fuse Module with Fuse Alarm

A fuse module that is designed to individually protect 13 cards in a 400 type shelf.

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