Discrete Control Module (DCM)

The Discrete Control Module (DCM) is the perfect solution for controlling devices at remote locations if you have only a few points or have a limited budget. You can monitor 2 alarm inputs and operate up to 16 control relays. The DCM communicates with a T/Mon NOC alarm management system or with a DPM over a dedicated facility.

The DCM supports 2 discrete opto coupled inputs which are triggered to the "Active State" when ground activated. The 16 relay outputs on the DCM are normally open (N.O.). The DCM communicates alarm status information over a variety of dedicated facilities using RS 232, RS 422/485 or an internal 202 modem.

Discrete Control Module
The DCM provides 16 control points and 2 discrete alarms.

Configuring the DCM is made easy through the use of T/DCM software for Windows, which is included with the unit. Not only can you configure the DCM with T/DCM, you can also monitor the alarm inputs and control relays.

The DCM-216 normally communicates with an alarm master, such a The IAM alarm management system, via a telecom network that may include several other DCM's and other remote devices. It can also report to a PC running T/DCM software.

Another useful application of the DCM is the "Echo" mode. In an echo application the DCM communicates directly with a DPM, which is its complement with 16 alarm inputs and 2 control relays. The DCM control relays operate when the DPM detects an alarm, providing 16 hard, contact-closures that follow the alarm inputs point-for-point. Likewise, the DCM's two alarm inputs operate the two respective control relays at the DPM. This is especially useful in converting alarms between systems with unlike protocols or for transporting alarms from small remote sites to large, centrally located remotes or annunciator panels.

Discrete Point Module (DPM)

The Discrete Point Module (DPM) provides 16 alarms and 2 controls, the DPM can be used for reporting alarms to the IAM via dedicated or dial-up line.

The DCM has reached its manufacturing end-of-life(NOTE: all current DCM deployments are still fully covered by tech support).

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