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CellVoice 16: Overview

CellVoice 16, the remote that sends cellular voice alarm notifcations.
The Cell Voice 16 is an effective monitoring solution for your moderately sized sites. It provides alarm notification via cellular voice dial-out and SNMP.

The Cell Voice 16 brings convenient cellular voice alerts to your medium sized sites. You don't have to rely on LAN or POTS access to hear what's going on. Now, no matter what transport is available at your sites, you can have custom voice alerts sent to your phone when something goes wrong.

In addition to custom cellular voice alerts, the Cell Voice 16 can also send alarm alerts via SMS. With DPS Telecom's new SMS reporting technology, the CellVoice series RTUs can send SMS alarm alerts direct to your phone or to your SNMP manager via the new SMS Receiver. The SMS Receiver mediates SMS messages to SNMP and forwards alarms to your SNMP manager.

With previous-generation cellular gear, you would've had to pay for a third party data provider and punch a hole in your firewall to get alarms over CDMA/GSM wireless channels. With DPS Telecom's new SMS reporting technology, you can report alarms over SMS without any of the cellular hassle you used to have.

Over direct LAN, the CellVoice 16 can send SNMP traps direct to your SNMP manager, and email alerts to on-call technicians. You can also configure the unit's cellular connection as an alternate network path, going active only if LAN fails.

Based on the time-tested NetGuardian design, the telco-grade Cell Voice 16 is built with plenty of alarms and controls to cover your moderately sized sites, with options for 16 extra control relays, and integrated internal and external temperature sensors.

Here's what the new Cell Voice 16 has in store for you:

  • Wireless Triple Threat.
    • Custom Cellular Voice Alerts
    • SMS Alarm Notifications to your phone and SNMP manager (with SMS Receiver).
    • Email Notifications (via SMS).
  • 16 discrete alarms.
  • 8 Analogs (4 general purpose, 2 battery monitoring, 1 internal temp, 1 external temp).
  • 2 or 18 Form C relays (depending on your build option).
  • SNMP and email alerts.
  • Convenient web browser configuration and monitoring - easy to setup and use.

CellVoice 16 and CellVoice 4 Voice Alerts Video.

Get voice alerts to your phone with this native-cellular (GSM/CDMA) RTU.

CellVoice 16: Screenshots

Configuring Call Notifications from the CellVoice 16's Offline Interface
Configure call notifications and priority easily from the CellVoice offline editing program. You can save configurations to your PC and write them to your remote(s).

Upload point descriptions to MyDPS to get custom voice alerts.
Get custom voice alerts for your point descriptions through the offline editor and MyDPS. These alerts are synthesized voice tokens. It's also possible to record your own voice.

Setup points quickly and easily with the CellVoice offline editor
Setup points, priority, and personnel to be notified quickly and easily with the CellVoice 16's Windows-based editor.