New Product Announcement: The Critical Alarm Enunciator Provides Local And Regional Notification Of Battery Plant Voltage Levels

Critical Alarm Enunciator - Front / Side View
The Critical Alarm Enunciator provides local audible and visible notification of three battery level alarms and three discrete alarms, and then relays alarms to your existing monitoring equipment.

At remote sites, nothing is more critical than maintaining a constant power supply to your revenue-generating equipment. When the power goes, everything goes with it, so monitoring your battery plant voltage levels is the most important telemetry job you can do.

The new Critical Alarm Enunciator (CAE) is the right tool for monitoring mission-critical battery levels. The CAE monitors three battery plant voltage threshold alarms and three discrete alarm, provides audiovisual notification to local personnel, and then relays alarms to your NOC via your existing alarm collection equipment.

Detailed Visibility of Voltage Thresholds

The CAE provides detailed visibility of battery conditions, by monitoring three distinct. voltage thresholds. The CAE will alert you of high, low, and very low battery levels. You'll know when your battery plant is in trouble, long before it's dead, so you can correct power supply problems before they take down your remote site.

The CAE does more than just monitor voltage thresholds; it also provides a continuously updated reading of live voltage levels through its integrated three-digit voltage display.

Monitor Your Whole Power Supply

The CAE also monitors your whole power supply. It features three discrete alarms, suitable for monitoring circuit breakers, fuses, converters, rectifiers, or inverters. These pass-through alarms give more complete visibility of all aspects of your battery plant. Discrete alarm polarity can be easily reversed using convenient configuration DIP switches.

Easy Configuration and Voltage Alarm Self-Test

The CAE's voltage thresholds can be set for different types of battery plant using the configuration DIP switches. You can test the voltage alarms with the CAE's built-in self-test function, which allows you to simulate voltage threshold alarms and confirm the operation of the unit.

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