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Secure your Colocation Equipment With the NetGuardian M16

Colocation centers are a fact of life for many companies. It the only cost-effect way to operate. But, since other people will be accessing the same facility, security of your gear becomes a concern. So how do you secure something that is in a shared space?

At colocation sites, you need a remote monitoring device.

In some colocation sites, you may have a dedicated locking cabinet. This offers some security, but it's important to have remote visibility as well. To really protect your equipment, you need an electronic solution that can remotely alert you of tampering - purposeful or (more commonly) accidental.

RTUs are a great option for this, and there are many to choose from. But it's important to get the right one. Many commercial RTUs are large and have more capacity than you will need to monitor just a few cabinets. With a larger commercial RTU, you will pay more for features you will never use.

Monitor your data center cabinets with the NetGuardian M16
The medium-sized NetGuardian M16 can monitor both door contacts in your cabinet, as well as temp sensors, giving you complete visibility of your equipment - even at colocation sites.

Look for these features when purchasing your remote monitoring device:

What you need is a medium-sized RTU that has just enough discrete alarms to monitor door contacts on your cabinets. It will alert you of unauthorized access to your cabinets immediately.

In addition, having a few control relays will give you the ability to monitor and control a camera so you can visually see your cabinets and make sure that no one is accessing your equipment.

Lastly, look for an RTU that has a connection for a temperature sensor. Temperature is an important aspect to monitor, since it can have devastating affects on your equipment if it gets too hot (or cold).

The NetGuardian M16 gives you complete colocation site visibility.

The NetGuardian M16 by DPS Telecom is one solution for this application. It's great for monitoring individual cabinets or several if they are all at the same location.

The NetGuardian M16:

  • 16 Discrete Alarms - use to monitor your main door, plus your cabinets (with door contacts).
  • 2 Control Relays - Can be used to trigger a camera when there is an unauthorized door breach.
  • Plug Connectors - Make it easy to terminate wires.
  • Built-in Web Interface - Makes monitoring easy from any computer with an internet connection.
  • D-Wire Port - Daisy chain up to 16 D-Wire sensors to monitor the temperature and other environmentals status' of your data cabinets.

The D-Wire port on the NetGuardian M16 makes it easy to install D-Wire temperature sensors.

D-Wire Temperature Sensors:

  • Plug 'N' Play design - Easy to install and monitoring in minutes.
  • Can be daisy chained - Connect up to 16 sensors (per RJ11 port).

Don't wait for there to be a problem. Protect your gear now.

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