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Send Alarms to Your Cell Phone via TAP Gateway

Sending alarms to your cell phone is a great way to stay on top of evolving network threats after hours or while you're out in the field.

By configuring your RTU to send alarm notifications to the TAP gateway phone number of your wireless provider, you can send text alarms to your phone.

How to Send Alarms to Your Cell Phone via TAP Gateway

This "techno knowledge" paper can help you if: You want to send alarms to your cell phone without routing the alarm messages through email.

Quick Reference Chart

Troubleshooting Checklist

NOTE: This procedure explains how to setup an AlphaMax to send alarms to a TAP Gateway with T/AlphaW software. You may follow a very similar process to configure other DPS remotes using their respective Windows provisioning utilities.

TAP Gateway numbers for common carriers
  • Open the 'Pagers' tab in T/AlphaW
    • Open T/AlphaW software
    • Navigate to the 'Pagers' tab
  • Configure a Pager entry for the TAP gateway of your wireless provider
    • Select Device Type: "ALPHA"
    • Enter your wireless carrier's TAP gateway phone number in the "Dial String" field (Some common numbers are listed in thebelow, otherwise call your provider).
    • NOTE: If you must dial a prefix to reach an outside line (e.g. "Dial 9"), be sure to enter that prefix in the field. If your system requires a pause after the prefix, a comma will create a 1.5 second pause during dialing.
    • Your Pager Pin/Suffix is your 10-digit mobile phone number (no dashes).
    • The password is irrelevant for this configuration. Leave the default setting of "1".
T/Alpha TAP Gateway
  • Assign the pager to one or more alarm points
    • On the 'Alarms' tab, set the 'Primary Notification' or 'Secondary Notification' fields for one ore more alarm points. Enter the user number (1-4) of the pager entry you just created.
  • Write the updated configuration to the AlphaMax
    • Use the 'Connect' menu to write the updated configuration to your AlphaMax unit(s).

Your AlphaMax should now be configured to send TAP pages to your cell phone.
Suggested Test: Fail an alarm point to see if you receive a pager alert

NOTE: If you are not receiving TAP pages on your cell phone, it is possible that the problem lies with your wireless provider. In this case, contact their technical support department to troubleshoot the problem.

NOTE: Messaging charges may apply for alarm messages sent to your cell phone. Please check with your wireless provider.

If you continue to have issues creating sending TAP pages to your cell phone and you believe the problem is with your RTU configuration, please contact DPS Telecom Tech Support