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NetGuardian SUI

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The NetGuardian SUI is a compact, simple, and reliable device that easily fits on an SUI rack and monitors basic environmental conditions around your valuable equipment.

Key Features

  • Up to 8 analogs (build option)
  • Up to 8 discrete alarm inputs (build option)
  • SUI mount
  • Web browser for configuration and monitoring

The NetGuardian SUI is a compact RTU that is mounted on a SUI rack and monitors basic environmental conditions (such as temperature and humidity) around your mission-critical equipment. Without reliable environmental visibility, your gear is at risk of serious damages that could lead to major outages and system failure.

The NetGuardian SUI features:

  • Up to 8 Discrete Alarm Inputs (Build Option)
  • Up to 8 Analogs (Build option)
  • 1 D-Wire sensor input jack (Build option), supporting up to 32 sensors (sold separately)
  • 6 Control Relay Outputs (Build option)
  • Fast, integrated web browser
  • 32 ping targets to monitor other devices on the network

The 8 discrete alarms on the front panel are used to monitor dry contacts, such as motion sensors, UPS, smoke detectors, flood sensors, AC, and even room entry. All of this information can be monitored from the easy-to-use web interface using any of your network computers.

This RTU also has the option of supporting up to 6 control relays. Control relays allow you to respond to network threats remotely from your computer. You can turn on backup generators, open doors and gates for emergency access, reboot equipment, or perform other functions.

When an issue happens, the NetGuardian SUI alerts you of changing conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, either to your cell or SNMP manager. The NetGuardian SUI is a cost-effective way to stay proactive in your monitoring.

Form Factor

  • Height: 2.1"
  • Width: 7.25"
  • Depth: 5.15"
  • Mounting:
  • Weight: 1.13 lbs

Core Features

  • Analog Alarms: 8
  • Control Relays: 6
  • Craft port: 1 serial port
  • Current draw: 140 mA @ 24VDC
  • Discrete Alarms: 8
  • Fuse: Internal Resetable
  • Industrial Temp.
  • LED status indicators
  • Mounting: SUI mount
  • NIC: 10/100BaseT
  • Ping Targets: 32
  • Power Supply: -48Vdc
  • RoHS: 5/6
  • Web Browser Interface

Operating Conditions

  • Humidity: 0-95% NC
  • Industrial Temperature: -22° to 158° F (-30° to 70° C)
  • Temperature: 32 to 140F (0 to 60C)

Optional Features

  • Control Relays: 2
  • D-Wire: 1-Plug
  • Discrete Alarms: 6
  • Mounting: DIN, Wall mount
  • Power Supply: +12Vdc, +24Vdc, -24/48Vdc (wide range), -24Vdc, PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
No additional software required.

Use the built-in web interface for configuration. Monitor via web interface, your SNMP manager, or a T/Mon master station.