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NetGuardian LT G2

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The NetGuardian LT G2 is an effective, low-cost way of monitoring smaller sites with up to 4 discrete alarms and an integrated temperature sensor. You receive alarms via voice dial-out or SNMP.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 Discrete Alarms and 1 Optional Control Relay
  • Optional dialup 33.6k modem for data and voice
  • Convenient and secure web browser configuration and monitoring

The NetGuardian LT G2 is an easy-to-install, light-capacity remote telemetry unit (RTU). This device is designed for easy installation at small remote sites, making it cost-effective to deploy alarm monitoring throughout your entire network.

The NetGuardian LT G2 is based on the time-tested NetGuardian design used in high-capacity models. This telco-grade remote is housed in a durable aluminum chassis that can be rack or wall-mounted. This device is small enough to be enclosed in a durable NEMA enclosure for extra durability in harsh environments.

This device allows you to receive your alerts via phone or SNMP. When alarms occur, you'll receive custom voice alerts to your phone. These alerts can also be sent as SNMP traps to your SNMP manager if you have one.

The NetGuardian LT G2 primarily reports over LAN but also features backup transport over POTS.

The unit will only occupy 1 RU of space - so you'll still have plenty of room in your racks for other mission-critical gear.

Adding to the ease of installation, this device features spring clamp terminal connectors - no screwdriver required. This makes wiring your alarms fast and easy.

With the NetGuardian LT G2, you’ll be able to monitor critical alarm points at all of your smaller sites without using a high-capacity device that's overkill.

Form Factor

  • Height: 1.72"
  • Width: 8.12"
  • Depth: 7.1"
  • Mounting:
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

Core Features

  • Discrete Alarms: 4
  • Ground Isolated
  • Internal Temp Sensor
  • LED status indicators
  • NIC: 10/100BaseT
  • Power Supply: -48Vdc
  • Rack Ears: Both
  • RoHS: 5/6
  • Web Browser Interface

Operating Conditions

  • Humidity: 0-95% NC
  • Temperature: 32 to 140F (0 to 60C)

Optional Features

  • Control Relays: 1
  • D-Wire: 1-Plug
  • Modem: 33.6k
  • Power Supply: +12Vdc, +24Vdc
  • Rack Ears: 19-inch, 23-inch
No additional software required.

Use the built-in web interface for configuration. Monitor via web interface, your SNMP manager, or a T/Mon master station.