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NetGuardian Test Fixture

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The NetGuardian Test Fixtures simulate all possible inputs and outputs to your NetGuardian alarm collection RTU. The Test Fixture is used to simulate alarm conditions and test NetGuardian operations.

Key Features

  • Verify every discrete alarm input, control relay, and voltage-based analog alarm input on your NetGuardian RTU

You probably know how important it is to verify if your monitoring device is working correctly. You could short together to test, but that's a pain and can be time-consuming.

What you need is a tool that makes testing your network alarm system quick and easy. Something that is designed to interface directly with your RTUs and makes it simple for you to toggle alarms.

That's where the NetGuardian Test Fixture comes into play.

It has been a trusted tool of DPS test technicians for quite some time. This test box is used to verify discrete alarm inputs, control relays, and analog inputs on a NetGuardian RTU. If an alarm point fails, it's important to know if the problem lies with your NetGuardian, your site equipment, or your analog sensor. With the NetGuardian Test box, you minimize windshield time driving to distant sites by diagnosing the issue while you're on-site.

The Test Fixture sends discrete alarms and analog voltages to every possible input and output on your RTU. The Test box is used to simulate alarm conditions to test your NetGuardian before you attach your mission-critical devices to it.

The user interface of the Test unit consists of toggle switches that simulate discrete inputs, dials that simulate analog inputs, and LEDs that light in response to control and fuse alarm outputs from the NetGuardian.

Available Test Fixtures models:

  • NetGuardian 832A G5
  • NetGuardian 864A
  • NetGuardian 480
  • NetGuardian 420
  • NetGuardian 216
  • NetGuardian 240T

Form Factor

  • Height: 0"
  • Width: 0"
  • Depth: 0"
  • Mounting:
  • Weight: 0 lbs

Core Features

Operating Conditions

Optional Features

  • Analog Alarms: 8
  • Control Relays: 8
  • Discrete Alarms: 32 , 64, 80
  • Power Supply: -48Vdc
No additional software required.

Use the built-in web interface for configuration. Monitor via web interface, your SNMP manager, or a T/Mon master station.