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AC Switch - Remotely Activate, Turn Off, and Reboot Your AC-Powered Gear...

Think about all the time you spend driving to remote sites. How much of it is actually necessary?

Good alarm remotes are a good way to reduce truck rolls, but what about remotely activating or power cycling your AC-powered gear? (stuck servers, anyone?) You need an AC switch box for that. Imagine how many truck rolls you could avoid if you could remotely activate and reboot your AC-powered equipment from your desk.

You don't need to imagine anymore. You can reduce your truck rolls with this new AC Switch from DPS.

AC Switcher
This new AC Switch device features redundant A-B power feeds, LAN/IP remote control, SNMP, and a one-wire sensor network. (chat online with DPS to learn more)

This new product marks a significant expansion of the DPS product line, creating a great opportunity for one-stop-shopping. You can now get your alarm remotes and AC switching gear in one place - without the hassle of shopping around and sending purchase orders to multiple vendors.

Key Benefits of this new AC Switch:

  • Dual A-B power feeds for reliability during primary power failures & one-click control of dual-power-input devices
  • Single power feed option includes an additional 2 power outputs (8 total)
  • SNMP capability for remote control and status reporting
  • HTTPS/SSL web interface for convenient & secure remote access from any PC with a web browser
  • Current draw monitoring on every port for granular measurement of individual device power consumption
  • RS485 expansion port for daisy-chaining multiple power units as a single, controlled unit
  • Internal analog temperature sensor for accurate site temperature measurement without any additional wiring or sensors
  • One-wire sensor network port for a single external sensor or a daisy-chain of many sensors
  • Rack-mountable for easy installs

Chat online with a live DPS representative to learn more about this new AC Switch, or call DPS at 1-800-693-0351