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PDU + RTU Combo Unit: Give Us Your Feedback

How many times have you had to drive to a site just to power-cycle or reboot networking equipment that has stopped responding? It is not economical to drive to a site for such a small task. Imagine all of the wasted time and money behind the wheel - just to flip a switch once you get there.

To eliminate this problem, you can deploy a power distribution unit (PDU) to distribute your site's power to each remote device you have. In other words, a basic PDU is a power strip that turns one (or even a few) power inputs into multiple (think about eight per equipment) power outputs.

Remote power switch units are commonly used in server rooms, data centers, remote telecom sites. In summary, this device opens up a whole new world of remote management possibilities anywhere that you need to have control over the power to equipment without anyone actually being there on-site.

With 8 DC power ports that you can remotely toggle via IP, the PDU and RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) combo device can eliminate hours of wasted travel time - and prevent unnecessary downtime. It will be unnecessary to ever send techs to remote sites to simply reboot a device.

Equipment is connected to the Remote Power Controller and it connects to a power supply, just like a surge protector. It will, then, take the power and distributes it to each device connected to it. So, if one determined equipment stops functioning, then you can use the Remote Power Controller to restart it.

Plus, this rack-mounted power switch with built-in 16-point RTU provides monitoring capability in the same 1-rack-unit chassis. The Remote Power Controller can monitor temperature, external temperature, and current draw for each of its inputs.

What makes differentiates the Remote Power Controller of all other power switching devices if the SNMP capability feature. Especially if you already have a remote monitoring system in place, this feature is will be very helpful. This is because instead of having to turn the power on or off through the equipment interface itself, you can simply integrate your Remote Power Controller into your already existing network monitoring and control system.

With this SNMP-capable device, you can select up to eight different notification devices (any combination of SNMP managers and email addresses).

Remote Power Controller 100 (AC Power Version)
Front panel view of the AC Version of the Remote Power Switch. This is a tool for selectively switching AC and/or DC power to your devices.
Click here for the DC Version

The back-panel connectors of these intelligent PDUs are highly customizable. Just use the form below to discuss your specific connector needs with us.

Here's What This Power Controller Can Do For You:

  • Available in AC or DC versions

  • Switch on/off and reboot equipment, right from your office or data center

  • Quick fix for jammed equipment, brownouts or power transient locks up gear, enforcing an auto-reboot after configuration changes, etc.

  • Drastically cuts down on expensive truck rolls - this device quickly pays for itself

  • Full-RTU functionality: 16 discretes, 2 analogs, 2 controls

  • SNMP-compatible - Send SNMP traps and/or receive email notifications

  • Available in single or dual-redundant A-B power inputs

  • Easily daisy-chain multiple power switches - linked switches will act as a single unit, making them easy to remote control using the web interface

  • Built-in D-Wire support for monitoring sensors (for complete visibility of your site, even when you can't be there)

  • Enable/disable remote access to the unit for on-site troubleshooting

  • Secure web browsing (via SSL encryption) for security-conscious organizations

  • Built-in temperature monitoring to track changing environmental conditions that could affect your remote power system

  • Monitors current draw - See which devices are consuming the most power

  • Rack-mount PDU

  • RoHS 5/6 compliant

  • 30-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee

The Remote Power Controller PDU will ultimately save you a great amount of time and money while making your customers, your boss and your techs happy.

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