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How many times have you had to drive to a site just to power-cycle or reboot equipment that has stopped responding? It just isn't economical to drive to a site for such a small task. Think of the wasted time and money behind the wheel - just to flip a switch once you get there.

With 8 DC power ports that you can remotely toggle via IP, this PDU (Power Distribution Unit) & RTU combo device can eliminate hours of wasted travel time - and prevent unnecessary downtime. Plus, the built-in 16-point RTU provides monitoring capability in the same 1-rack-unit chassis.

Example back panel of a DC-power PDU (Power Distribution Unit)
DPS Engineering Director Mark Carberry with a back panel view of the Remote Power Controller 100 (DC version, AC version is also available)

The back-panel connectors you see above are highly customizable. Just use the form below to discuss your specific connector needs with me.

Here's What This Power Controller Can Do For You:

  • Switch on/off and reboot equipment, right from your desk chair
  • Drastically cuts down on expensive truck rolls - Quickly pays for itself
  • Full-RTU functionality: 16 discretes, 2 analogs, 2 controls
  • SNMP-compatible - Send SNMP traps and/or receive email notifications
  • Available in single or dual-redundant A-B power inputs
  • Easily daisy-chain multiple power switches
  • Enable/disable remote access to the unit for on-site troubleshooting
  • Secure web browsing (via SSL encryption) for security-conscious organizations
  • Built-in temperature monitoring to track changing environmental conditions
  • Monitors current draw - See which devices are consuming the most power
  • RoHS 5/6 compliant

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