New Wireless Technologies To Improve Network Visibility

Do you have sites that are unmonitored because of no LAN connectivity? Just because a distant site is located conveniently in the middle of nowhere, doesn't mean you can afford to sacrifice critical visibility.

New wireless technologies exist to help bring sites without physical transport infrastructure under your monitoring umbrella. By using existing cellular networks, it's now possible to transport alarms wirelessly over GSM/CDMA - helping to keep your network online and your customers happy.

Bring Ethernet Connectivity to Sites using the Raven X Gateway
This application is best suited for your sites with 3G cell coverage. The Raven X gateway connects to your cell provider's 3G network and provides you with Ethernet and serial ports to connect your gear.

Raven X Application Drawing
The Raven X gateway provides Ethernet and serial connectivity via 3G.

This box easily interfaces with NetGuardian RTUs - meaning you now have critical alarm coverage at sites with 3G connectivity. Your remote sites will no longer be ticking time bombs with this improved visibility.

Collect Alarms Wirelessly Using SMS Receiver Technology
For the sites in your network that are left unconnected to your NOC because of no practical data transport, then using SMS can help connect your gear using GSM/CDMA. By using the SMS Interface Box, it's now possible for your T/Mon master to poll SMS NetGuardians for alarm data.

SMS Interface Box Application Drawing
Receive alarms over GSM/CDMA using wireless-ready NetGuardian RTUs.

This application works best if you already have a T/Mon you want connected to wireless SMS RTUs deployed at your sites. This interface box will collect alarms from each of your SMS NetGuardians (for example, the NetGuardian 216 SMS) and your T/Mon will poll the unit (at user-defined intervals) to retrieve the alarm data.

Receive Outbound SMS Text Messages from T/Mon
The T/Mon SMS Interface to Mobile Box gives T/Mon the capability to forward alarm messages to any phone that accepts text messages. This allows your mobile technicians to always stay in the loop - even when they're away from the NOC.

T/Mon SMS Box Application Drawing
Forward alarms straight to your mobile phone via SMS.

This new technology also adds the benefit of providing security-conscious organizations with additional layers of security. The unit allows companies to circumvent routing SMS through mail servers in favor of notifications going straight to the phone. The T/Mon SMS Interface to Mobile Box also features support for receiving SMS - so any user with the right credentials can acknowledge alarms on-the-go.

Learn More About Wireless Monitoring Technology
With ever expanding networks and the need for 100% uptime, wireless alarm reporting is becoming increasingly more critical in today's networks. To learn more about monitoring your network wirelessly:

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