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Using Water Transducers to Protect your Valuable Equipment

Have you experienced expensive water damage to the valuable equipment in your server room, data center, or remote site? Are you frustrated because you know if you had just known there was a water leak you could have patched it up and prevented repair costs, saved lost revenue from downtime, and avoided disrupting service to your customers?

Maybe you've been fortunate enough to avoid this scenario - and you want to keep it that way. Either way, you know the importance of monitoring your valuable equipment. You wouldn't leave your employees unmonitored, so why leave all of your expensive equipment unmonitored and at risk? That's why it's crucial for you to use water transducers to monitor your server room, data center, or remote site.

TempDefender IT protects your valuable equipment from temperature, water, and other damage
The TempDefender IT monitoring device in action.

The basics of using water transducers to monitor your equipment.
While not the only threat to your equipment and your network, water damage is often an overlooked threat. Water damage can cause severe headaches for both you and your customers, much like temperature threats and power outages/surges. Having the right monitoring system to manage your network could mean the difference between huge frustrations and a smoothly run operation.

Not all monitoring systems are created equal. There are a few things you should know about selecting the right water transducers to give you the most effective monitoring power.

First, you need the right kind of sensors. For the most versatility in monitoring your IT environment, you want multiple kinds of sensors. You want discrete and analog sensors. Discrete sensors give you a binary reading - either "on" or "off". Discrete sensors work well as water transducers because they are able to detect the presence of water and notify you that it's there.

Analog sensors provide more detailed information. Instead of just providing basic on/off information, analog sensors operate on a continuous output and are capable of giving you exact readings - like the exact water level or the precise temperature. A monitoring system that only has one or the other type of system limits your control on your network or infrastructure - you really need both types of sensors.

Second, you need a versatile notification system. Only receiving internal alerts at your desk just won't cut it. Your monitoring system must be capable of providing multiple alerts - because emergencies don't keep standard business hours. You should look for a device that will have ways of notifying you at home via email, voice alerts, pages, or SMS text messages.

Lastly, your monitoring device should have an escalation list. What's the point of using water transducers if the first person notified is too busy, or too deeply asleep, to address the problem? You need to have an escalation list that will notify the next person on the list if the first person is unable to address the problem. You need an escalation list that features at least 5 people - that way you never have to worry about an alert going unnoticed.

What are my options for guaranteeing my protection and my peace of mind?
Now that you know what it takes to make a monitoring system effective, you can picture the peace of mind you'll get in knowing that your valuable equipment and infrastructure is protected from water damage. Imagine just how satisfied your customers will be knowing they don't have to fear an accident shutting down service.

TempDefender IT which features sensors that act as water transducers
The TempDefender IT monitoring device protects your network.

If you're ready to fully protect yourself I suggest looking no further than the TempDefender IT. This easy-to-use and compact device is easy to mount on a rack and provides you with all of the tools you need to keep your server room, data center, infrastructure, or remote site guarded. This device gives you the capability to use water transducers to measure water levels, temperature and humidity sensors, and even motion sensors to detect unwanted visitors. The TempDefender IT also comes with first class 7x24 (that is, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day) tech support and an escalation list of 8 people. You'll sleep easy at night knowing you always have the support to maintain your network uptime. The TempDefender IT gives you and your network exactly what it needs.

Don't leave your valuable equipment at risk for another minute, call the experts at DPS Telecom at 1-800-693-0351 to figure out exactly what you need to get yourself protected. You may also email the experts at sales@dpstele.com.