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Interbel and DPS at Remote 2016

"Remote Monitoring & Control 2016 will be held November 3-4, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. This conference will cover the latest advancements for monitoring and managing distributed equipment and facilities via recent developments in SCADA, remote networks (wireless & wired), security (cyber & physical), automation, onsite and back-up power, M2M/IoT and all other manner of technology that allows for the management of remote assets."
-Source: remotemagazine.com

Learn How a Rural Telco Successfully Monitors Their 28 Remote Sites - and How They Restored Alarms After a Switch Upgrade.

Interbel Telephone is responsible for 3500 access lines and 28 remote sites in a rural area. Rob Little of Interbel to discuss the monitoring troubles faced by many rural Telcos and how Interbel found a solution and overcame the challenges they face. Rob has 7 keys to good monitoring including ways to monitor your generators and how to be sure you're buying from the right manufacturer.

Afterwards, Andrew will talk about his Top Ten Monitoring Tips to help you better integrate your monitoring efforts into your network. You'll hear the dos and don'ts of monitoring, including how to avoid building a Solution Stack Hack and how to consolidate your monitoring into one streamlined network.

Their interview takes place at 11 am on Thursday, November 3.

Meet us in person at booth 214

After that, swing by booth 214 to meet face-to-face with the alarm monitoring experts. Ask our experts your monitoring questions and see DPS equipment operating live in a demonstration rack. The following equipment will be running at the DPS booth:

  • T/Mon master station
  • NetGuardian 832A G5
  • NetGuardian 216 G3
  • SiteMon IP Camera
  • NetGuardian Test Box
  • VoIP Order Wire
  • Surprising new products...

Call 1-800-622-3314 to schedule an appointment at the DPS booth. This way, we'll be ready with fully customized information for you when you arrive.

For more information about DPS @ Remote Monitoring and Control 2016...

Call 1-800-693-0351

Other Speaking Engagements DPS will be at this year:

  • MTA 2016 - Billings, MT. - November 30 - December 1, 2016 (Tetative)