Take The Guesswork Out Of Network Monitoring

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When alarms happen, everyone knows what to do

T/Mon alarms are presented in plain English, with detailed descriptions that your staff will immediately understand and take action on. You can even create Text Messages that tell system operators the exact procedure for each alarm.

Text Messages
Text messages let you give specific instructions to your monitoring staff, so you can know for certain that correct procedures are followed.

Document every corrective action

A Trouble Log window is also accessible for each alarm from the COS or Standing Alarm screen. This convenient feature allows system operators to record what corrective action was taken for each alarm, keeping clear documentation of what has been done and eliminates guesswork after shift changes.

Trouble Log
The Trouble Log clearly records corrective actions, so you don't have to guess if a problem has been fixed.

E-mail and pager alerts and escalation

T/Mon can automatically send detailed alarm notifications via pager, cell phone, PDA or e-mail, so the right information is put directly in your hands, not locked up in a NOC console. Escalation notifications to supervisors ensure alarm acknowledgement and problem resolution.

Automatic notification by pager or e-mail
Automatic notification by pager or e-mail makes sure vital information gets to the people who need it fast.

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