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T/Mon NOC Optional Configurations

Create a graphic display of your network

T/GrafX software brings a graphic display of your entire network to any PC desktop. The top-level view gives at-a-glance network status. Multilayer graphics let you zoom down to device level to view specific alarm information.

T/GrafX NOC War-room display
T/GrafX turns your desktop inot a NOC war-room.

Monitor SNMP devices

The SNMP Trap Processor software module enables T/Mon to receive traps from SNMP devices. This offers great advantages over a conventional SNMP manager, because T/Mon can apply all its powerful alarm processing features to SNMP traps just as if they were conventional alarms.

Forward SNMP traps to multiple SNMP managers

The SNMP agent can report to up to eight SNMP managers. This is great for sending traps to redundant masters, or sending specific traps types to different masters.

Alarm visibility of ASCII devices

The ASCII Processor software module makes it possible for T/Mon to receive information from PBXs, routers, switches, and any other ASCII device. ASCII output is converted to T/Mon format through parsing rules that can be created and modified as needed.

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