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New Hardware Features in T/Mon NOC

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New Hardware Features in T/Mon NOC

Changing ports in T/Mon NOC

Swappable Port Interface Cartridges

T/Mon NOC's 24 serial ports can be individually configured for RS-232, RS-422/485, 202 modem, 212 modem, 33.6K modem, FSK modem or PSK modem. Each port is housed in a removable Port Interface Cartridge. If you ever want to change your port configuration, you can replace a single port without opening the case or disconnecting other ports.

T/Mon Hard Drive Mirroring

You can equip your T/Mon NOC with optional T/Mon Hard Drive Mirroring. If your primary hard drive ever fails, your system can be quickly restored from the secondary mirrored drive with minimum downtime and data loss.


Front Panel LCD Display

T/Mon NOC features a front-panel LCD display which lists the current change of state (COS) and standing alarms, system uptime, elapsed time in Monitor Mode, system IP address, the unit serial number and T/Mon NOC status messages.

T/Mon Monitor and keyboard support

Built-In Monitor and Keyboard Support

You don't need a PC, access software or a data connection to use T/Mon NOC. Any standard VGA monitor and PC keyboard can be connected to the video out and keyboard ports on the back of the unit, providing direct console access to your T/Mon NOC system.

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