Enhanced Functions for Advanced Network Monitoring

T/Mon Alt Path Switch Application
Ensure continuous reliable transmission of
network alarm data with the Alt Path Switch.
  • Issue Derived Controls to Any Remote Unit - Now you can create derived controls (custom alarm rules based on multiple alarm inputs) for any remote, eliminating unnecessary remote site visits and reducing windshield time.
  • Temporarily Cancel Derived Control Operations - If you need to temporarily cancel a derived control operation for maintenance, testing of devices, or similar tasks, you can silence derived control operations like any other T/Mon alarm.
  • Get Building Status Unit Audiovisual Alerts for Any Alarm - Configure any T/Mon alarm point to trigger visual and audible alerts from the Building Status Unit (BSU).
  • Context-Sensitive Online Help - Context-sensitive online help provides quick, task-relevant definitions of database fields and shortcut keys, making databasing easier and faster.
  • Long User Names and Passwords Enhance Network Security - Prevent unauthorized access to your system with 20-character user names and 8-character passwords.
  • Provide Alternate Data Paths Anywhere In Your Network - Install a backup communications channel between your T/Mon system and any DPS remote anywhere in your network with the new Alt Path Switch, available for RS-232 and FSK connections.