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T/Mon Exceeds Expectations in Papua, New Guinea

A successful business strategy for Telikom PNG required improved uptime and increased customer satisfaction, and that required real-time network monitoring.

"We want to monitor our alarms on a real-time basis, whether it's discretes or ASCII. That's main. The format of the reports is secondary. The primary thing is real-time monitoring, being able to look at it from bird's eye and seeing the entire network," said Windu.

"The T/Mon Exceeded Our Expectations."

Telikom PNG evaluated several vendors to supply a new monitoring system. The company chose DPS Telecom and the T/Mon because the system not only met their objectives, it surpassed them.

"The T/Mon actually exceeded our expectations. What we were expecting and planning for was much less," said Windu.

Ante said that two features of the T/Mon set it apart from the competition. "First, automatic alert of responsible personnel. Then, the T/Mon integrates our existing systems. Other vendors didn't have a solution for the NEC remotes. They wanted us to swap it all out. Replacing both the master and the remotes would mean the cost would double. The T/Mon works with our existing gear," said Ante.

Telikom PNG was also looking for a stable vendor that it could form a long-term partnership with. "My CEO told me to be sure to pick a company that wouldn't be gone tomorrow," said Windu. DPS Telecom's 17 years in business, plus its long client list, made the company a credible choice to Telikom PNG management.

Building A Successful Long-Term Monitoring Strategy.

Telikom PNG's new network monitoring solution was developed after a careful consideration of the company's needs and close consultation between Telikom PNG personnel and DPS Telecom Applications Engineer Rick Dodd.

The heart of the new system is an T/Mon network alarm management system that will poll discrete alarms from the NEC 21SV remotes and ASCII alarms from telecommunications gear. The two separate monitoring systems will be integrated on a single platform that presents and integrated display of the entire network plus automatic alerts by pager and e-mail.

The new monitoring system can also grow to accommodate future developments in Telikom PNG's network. The NEC 21SV remotes can be gradually replaced by DPS Telecom NetGuardian units. The changeover can be spread over several budget cycles to minimize its impact on capital expenditures, operational expenditures, and manpower costs. Remember, installing a new RTU at Telikom PNG's sites requires a helicopter trip.

Telikom PNG is also considering using T/GrafX, for an integrated war-room display of the network, and a second T/Mon located at a backup NOC to serve as a geodiverse standby backup.

Ante and Windu traveled to DPS Telecom headquarters in September to supervise factory acceptance tests of the new system. Ante said that the tests clarified the goals of the project and solidified his opinion of the T/Mon's capabilities.

"Being here at DPS enhanced our knowledge of what we want to achieve, and it helped us know more about the capabilities of the product. The factory trials gave us the confidence to say this is the product we recommend to our company," said Ante.

Best of all, Ante and Windu will return to Papua New Guinea with a monitoring system that will win the confidence of their whole company and their whole country. "Everybody will be smiling when we put it up," said Ante.

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