Introduction to: Telecom Installer Jobs

Highly-advanced voice and data systems are being implemented in buildings at an ever increasing rate. There is a growing demand for trained individuals to install, test, and maintain the networks required by such systems. This is one of the few "construction trades" for which the work is steady and not seasonal. In many cases, it can require extensive travel and technical aptitudes.

Today's telecom installers must employ a skill-set that is far more advanced than the "telephone system" installers of the past. While a college degree is not required, special training is necessary. The pace of technology changes makes continuing education a must.

Telecom installers typically (but not always) belong to labor unions. They are hired by building contractors or telecom systems service firms. Some large organizations will hire a small permanent staff of telecom installers to maintain and expand internal systems. Of course, the major telecom service companies, such as Pacific Bell, also hire technicians who are highly skilled in maintaining and installing telecommunications equipment.

This is your chance to be one of the people who make the world work. DPS Telecom creates tech that supports key communications - the telephone network, the Internet and 911 service. DPS Telecom products guarantee the reliability of telecom networks around the world. Your work here will help millions of people. Are you interested in learning more about Telecom Installer duties? Are you considering becoming a telecom installer? Contact us at 1-800-693-0351.

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There is no other network on the planet that is exactly like yours. For that reason, you need to build a monitoring system that's the right fit for you.

"Buying more than you need" and "buying less than you need" are real risks. You also have to think about training, tech support, and upgrade availability.

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