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Strategic Products are MFD

Maintaining Continuity of supply when a single source device is MFD'd.

It is ideal to have continued supply of the products that you need from vendors to maintain normal business operations. Unfortunately, the realty is over time products change, evolve, and the exact product you require is no longer available. Perhaps the original manufacture chooses to discontinue a product or just plain can't manufacture a product for reasons outside of their control. Either way, your supply chain and everything behind it becomes impacted. In short, you need to find a way of getting continued access to an equivalent product so you do not have to re-engineer the way you do everything.

DPS engineers can address your supply continuity needs

DPS has engineering resources and specializes in perfect fit alarm monitoring solutions. We can design a product that is form, fit, and functionally compatible with a MFD'd product. Whether these devices are DPS originated or third party, DPS has a track record of delivering solutions. Often this process presents opportunities for product improvements with respect to overall design, usability and appearance. Bottom line is that you end up with a continued supply of products to keep your operations running smoothly.

The Value We Will Deliver:

  • Manage a larger, more advanced network with a smaller, less-trained staff
  • Get exactly the right product with custom engineering
  • Leverage massive industry expertise - over 30 white papers published
  • Mediate legacy protocols to SNMP
  • Replace your legacy master without trashing your legacy remotes
  • Reduce wasted windshield time driv- ing to and from sites
  • US Manufactured in Fresno, CA
  • 2-Year hardware warranty
  • Free lifetime RTU firmware upgrades
  • Free top-quality technical support