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Network Monitoring - Smartphone

Here are some links regarding Network Monitoring - Smartphone:

  • The Art Of Notification: Get Better Notifications From Your RTUs And Master Stations. Get detailed alerts to your phone. Know what and where the problem is, and get it resolved faster.With better notifications, you'll enjoy economic benefits as well as better work logistic coverage. Better notifications lead to better awareness, which means you can respond faster to network problems. You'll be able to improve service reliability and avoid preventable outages - which will save you in the long-run.

  • Problem: Unable To Setup Alarm Notifications To Cell Phones/Pagers. This may be helpful if you're having trouble setting up alarm notifications to your mobile device.
    One of the key advantages of T/Mon is the ability to send alarm notifications to cell phones or pagers. Setting up T/Mon to page your operators is a great way to reduce costly windshield time and maximize alarm visibility.

  • How Do You Make Your Network Monitoring Systems Work with Your Smartphone?
    See how your network monitoring system can communicate with your smartphone.
    Whether your technicians are at a site or on the road, you need to make sure they have the information they need to maintain and repair your network. They need a link to the NOC. Laptops can be clunky, slow, and expensive, and direct voice communications can easily breakdown. What you need is a way to integrate NOC functionality using SMS technology with your technicians' smartphones, so they can access the NOC on the go.
    This White Paper offers a number of tips to help make your network monitoring systems more mobile friendly (by using a wireless SMS receiver to bring alarms into your network).