Is T/Mon SLIM Right For You?

Is T/Mon SLIM right for you?

T/Mon SLIM is designed for medium-level users who want a onescreen view of a limited number of network sites, but don't need the full capacities of T/Mon NOC. T/Mon SLIM is a great solution for you if you:

  • Manage a local or regional section of a large network
  • Want to monitor the alarms your department is responsible for, independent of your network's central NOC
  • Manage a small network
  • Have outgrown monitoring individual sites using the NetGuardian's stand-alone capabilities and now want a single view of your sites

The power of T/Mon, scaled to your needs

T/Mon SLIM monitors up to 64 network devices and up to 10,000 points - exactly the right capacity for monitoring the sites your department is responsible for, without forcing you to pay for more capacity than you need.

T/Mon SLIM monitors DPS Telecom remotes, including the full-featured NetGuardian 832A, the light-capacity NetGuardian 216 and the 176-alarm-point Remote Alarm Block 176N. T/Mon SLIM also monitors SNMP devices, any telecom equipment that outputs ASCII text or TL1, and legacy RTUs from Badger, Dantel, Larse, NEC, and Pulsecom.

Slim 1 RU design

T/Mon SLIM is slim, 1 RU unit that fits into any 19" or 23" rack, in any telco environment, without taking space away from revenue-generating equipment. Dual -48 VDC power inputs allow T/Mon SLIM to be powered from the same battery power as the rest of your equipment - and give you a backup power supply in case of a primary power failure.

You don't have to trip over bulky alarm consoles - you can set up T/Mon SLIM in any equipment room and not worry about it. Up to five users can simultaneously connect to T/Mon SLIM using its built-in Web Browser Interface or T/Windows.

T/Mon SLIM is primarily built for modern, LAN-based network environments. The unit's 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port provides a LAN connection for receiving alarm reports from devices; forwarding alarms to T/Mon NOC or an SNMP manager; and downloading T/MonXM software updates. Four RS- 232 ports provide legacy polling of serial devices

You can have a new, fully capable advanced monitoring system and still keep your legacy remotes.

All the capabilities you need to proactively monitor your local/regional network
Despite its compact form, T/Mon SLIM has everything you need to effectively monitor your sites.

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