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Remote Alarm Block 176N

Remote Alarm Block

Convert Contact Closures to SNMP Traps Right at Your MDF

Ordinarily, if you want to get SNMP Traps from your Main Distribution Frame, you're looking at hours of work and a hefty price in technicians' time and overtime pay.

First you've got to collect all the wires at your Main Distribution Frame and tie them down to a terminal block. Then you've got to cross connect the wires from the terminal block to an SNMP RTU - and that means running the wires over an equipment ladder and sewing them down.

There's an easier way - the Remote Alarm Block 176N. It's a remote alarm block and SNMP RTU in one unit. The RAB installs right in your Main Distribution Frame. Tie all the wires to the RAB - and the only thing you've got going out is a nice, clean Ethernet cable ... straight to your LAN and your SNMP manager.

• 176 alarm inputs for dense alarm collection in the smallest possible space.

• Compact design frees space for revenue generating equipment

• 4 control relays for instant response to system integrity threats

• Selectable alarm qualification times separate nuisances from emergencies

• Free Windows configuration software included

• Free lifetime firmware upgrades

• Easy hardware replacement without having to disconnect wire-wrap dressing

• Mounts on rack or wall

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