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NetGuardian E16

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NetGuardian E16

New Bi-Directional Echo Technology Responds to Alarms Automatically

NetGuardian E16 Benefits

  • 16 Discrete Alarm Inputs - Just the right amount for your medium-sized sites.
  • 16 Control Relays - More controls than have ever been included in a NetGuardian RTU.
  • Bi-directional Echo - In a bi-directional echo configuration, a pair of RTUs are installed at separate sites. The 16 alarm inputs of each remote are associated on a one-to-one basis with the 16 controls of the other. As alarms are received at one site, the associated controls latch at the other site to respond automatically. This powerful functionality can be achieved using LAN, serial, or dialup communication.
  • 1 RU Form Factor - Despite packing in a lot of functionality, this RTU fits comfortably in just a single rack unit.
  • AC Power Option - As an alternative to traditional -48 vdc power, a build option is also available featuring a standard AC power supply.

Bi-directional Echo between sites

Two sister units are placed at alternative sites. Utilizing the bi-directional echo,
the alarms at each site will trigger an automatic response from the sister device. This happens simultaneously. This powerful functionality can be achieved using LAN, serial, or dialup communication.

NetGuardian E16 Specifications

Dimensions: 1¾" H x 17" W x 12" D.

Weight: 4 lbs. 3oz. (1.9 kg).

Mounting: 19" rack, 23" rack, or wall mounting.

Power Input: -48VDC (-40 to -56 VDC).

Current Draw: 250 mA.

Fuse: (2) 3/4 Amp GMT.

Operating Temperature: 41°-95° F (5°-35° C).

Operating Humidity: 0%-95% non-condensing.

Protocols: DCPx.

Interfaces: Two 50-pin connectors for discrete alarms and control relays.
1 RJ45 Ethernet jack.
1 RJ45 RS-232 jack.
1 DB9 craft port.
1 USB connection.

Discrete Point Inputs: 16.

Alarm Detection Speed: Configurable to 100- 9000 msec (1/10 second to 9 seconds).

Control Outputs: 16 echoed, 1 link, 1 FA.

Visual Display: Dual and Mono Color LED.

NetGuardian E16 back panel
Connectors for power feeds, alarm inputs, control outputs, dial-up, serial, and Ethernet are all found on the back panel of the NetGuardian E16.

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