Critical Alarm Enunciator

Critical Alarm Enunciator

The Critical Alarm Enunciator (CAE) is a local alarm notification device that monitors three VRLA or flooded system battery plant voltage threshold alarms and three discrete alarms. The CAE receives alarm input from monitored devices, provides audiovisual notification to local personnel, and then relays alarms to your existing alarm collection equipment.

Analog Alarm Inputs: 1 (battery monitor input)

Voltage Monitoring Range: +21.5 to +30.0 VDC

Voltage Alarm Thresholds for VRLA:
High Voltage: +28.5 VDC
Low Voltage (LV1): +26.0 VDC
Very Low Voltage (LV2): +23.0 VDC

Voltage Alarm Thresholds for flooded system:
High Voltage: +27.9 VDC
Low Voltage (LV1): +25.4 VDC
Very Low Voltage (LV2): +22.4 VDC

Discrete Point Inputs: 3 (reversible)

Control Outputs: 6 (alarm relay outputs)

Maximum Voltage: 60 VDC/120 VAC

Maximum Current: 1/2 Amp AC/DC

Visual Display:
6 unicolor LEDs
3 digit display

Speaker Volume: 0-85 dB at 30 cm

Dimensions: 5"H x 4"W x2"D (12.7cm x 10.2cm x 5.1cm)

Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4kg)

Mounting: Wall mount

Power Input: +24 VDC

Current Draw: 550 mA

Fuse: 1 Amp GMT

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