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Building Access System

Monitor and Control Access to Your Remote Sites

Building Access System
The DPS Building Access System is
built on a foundation of
NetGuardians and T/Mon, giving
you complete integration of
access control and alarm monitoring.

The DPS Building Access System provides advanced access control for your valuable remote sites. With user-level access control, keypad and proxy reader options, and total integration with your alarm monitoring system, it's an excellent way to monitor and control site access throughout your network.

The DPS Building Access System allows access to be granted to specific users for specific doors. This minimizes your site vulnerability by granting no unnecessary access. All entries and exits are also logged to give you complete visibility of who is coming and going.

Admins will be able to database personnel and access codes in T/Mon, just as users database alarm points. NetGuardians (or other local controllers) on-site will receive access rights and information from T/Mon and store it locally. At each door, an ECU will process entry requests, executing door control logic according to the NetGuardian's locally stored access data. It will unlock a door if a person is autho- rized or set an alarm for unauthorized entry.

And because the the DPS Building Access System is integrated with your alarm monitoring, deployment can be very quick. You also won't have to add another terminal to your NOC. Alarms generated by the Building Access System will appear on the same convenient T/Mon interface that you use to monitor the rest of your alarms.

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