The Alphamax Prevents UPS Damage And Halon Discharge

Client Letter: The Alphamax Prevents UPS Damage and Halon Discharge

DPS Telecom,
Your product has already paid for itself many times over in the short time it has been in operation here. Last Friday evening I got an alpha page from the unit notifying me of a general summary alarm on the UPS. I drove to the office to discover our UPS room air conditioner wasn't operating and the temperature in the UPS room was about 120 degrees. This extreme heat caused an inverter in the UPS room to overheat and generate an alarm. This heat also caused our halon fire suppression system to go into a zone 1 alarm state (which is one sensor away from a halon discharge and a visit from the fire department).

If no remote monitoring was in place at the time of the incident, the UPS could have been seriously damaged and shut down, leaving our servers unprotected, and the halon system could have discharged, causing a costly inspection and recharge and an unexpected visit from the fire department.

Again, thank you for your help in getting TSW squared away with an AlphaMax. DPS will be the first company we call with future remote monitoring needs.

Gallen Armistead
Information Technology
TSW International Inc.

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