9 Key Building Access System Features

9 Key Building Access System Features

  1. Integrated With Alarm Monitoring-You don't have to add another terminal to your NOC, and your access alarms appear on the same management platform with the rest of your alarms.
  2. Detailed Logging-A complete log records time, entry point, and user.
  3. Proximity Reader Support (Wiegand + Custom)- Proximity cards cannot be shared freely and are easily deactivated if lost.
  4. Power Source- The Building Access System operates on battery or commercial power.
  5. Durable Keypad- The Keypad is environmentally sealed, offering protection from harsh conditions.
  6. Support for Large and Growing Networks- The Building Access System supports up to 1300 access codes.
  7. Access Scheduling (Weekend, Holiday, Expiring KeyCodes)- Access rights may be given automatic activation and expiration dates.
  8. Multiple Transport (IP, Dial-Up)- The Building Access System support multiple upstream communication paths.
  9. Fault-Tolerance- In the event of a communication loss from T/Mon or the NetGuardian, your entry points will continue to control access to your site.
Darcy Kunz

Success Story: All West Communications Eliminates Costly & Dangerous Windshield Time With Advanced Alarm Monitoring

"By watching our technicians, we can help step them through what is going on. It can also help if we have an intrusion alarm or a fire alarm. We can instantly see what's going on."
Darcy Kunz
V.P. of IT Operations
All west Communications

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