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Send voice alerts directly through your radio system with this RTU

The key to alarm monitoring is time. The longer an important alarm goes unnoticed, the worse the consequences. That's why you need your team to be notified of critical alarms immediately. And the more mobile your team is, the larger your need for versatile alarm notifications that can be received anywhere.

You could just rely on your Master Station alarm display, but if you don't have someone monitoring it 7x24, you're inevitably going to miss something. Plus, this solution isn't great for teams that aren't always in the same place. Once an alarm comes into the Master station, the operator still has to notify someone in the field - wasting more time.

Trap 48 RA Audio Feature
The Trap 48RA collects alarms from equipment and sends audible alerts to your radio system.

Email alerts are great, but they require the recipient to check their messages regularly. Even if you have email alerts on your cell phone set to make a sound, that can easily be missed. Plus, with all the other incoming mail you receive, you're likely to miss something critical.

What you need is an audible alarm type that seamlessly integrates with equipment your techs already use and carry with them. The solution should be attention-grabbing and override other audio.

The Trap 48RA by DPS Telecom can output an audible alarm over handheld radios and PA systems, making it easy for your techs to receive alarms, no matter where they are in the facility.

The Trap 48RA has 16 output channels, so you can easily send alarms to the appropriate team. Each channel is a 600-ohm balanced pair for direct compatibility with many existing radio systems (if you need a different output, call DPS).

If you already have a Trap 48RA deployed, you can quickly upgrade. By simply purchasing an access code from DPS, you'll instantly enable audio alarms on your existing hardware.

Trap 48RA
The Trap 48RA by DPS Telecom

Don't have a Trap 48RA? This medium capacity device has 48 control relays and 16 audio outputs that can receive SNMP trap information. The easy-to-use web interface makes configuration easy. Call 1-559-454-1600 to get a quote today.