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Your power distribution panel should have these 4 functions to be effective

If you've ever had to jump in your truck to drive hours to a remote site just to restart some frozen equipment, you already know how useful a power distribution panel can be.

Every minute you spend behind the windshield of a truck is wasted time. If you no longer had to drive 30, 60, or even 90 miles to a remote site, how much more could you get done? Adding a power distribution panel to your network could bring you significant gains in productivity.

power distribution panels can be used in many different industires
You can use a power distribution panel in many different industries.

However, choosing a power distribution panel with limited features could end up costing you. There are some basic features you need to look for - otherwise, you could end up with an unreliable solution that leaves you with more headaches than it's worth.

The Essential Features You Can't Live Without
If you want to improve your network visibility and reliability, then you'll need to make sure your power distribution panel has these 4 features:

  1. Redundant Power Inputs
    In order to achieve true reliability, your equipment needs to have a backup power source. Make sure your power distribution panel features dual power inputs - so if you lose power to one of your inputs, your equipment can still be monitored by a backup power source (batteries, etc).
  2. SNMP Support
    If there's ever a problem with your device, you'll want to know instantly. If one of the inputs loses power, you can receive an SNMP trap so you can quickly begin troubleshooting the problem. Did the device connected to that input lose power? Did that input go out? Either way, you'll want to know. With SNMP support, you can receive alerts the instant there's a problem with your equipment.
  3. Alarm Monitoring Option
    If you truly want to maximize your ROI and get the most you can with the least amount of equipment, then you'll want to use devices that can serve more than one function. You're already installing a fuse panel at your sites - why not combine it with a power distribution panel and a remote telemetry unit (RTU)?

    With an integrated alarm monitoring remote built in the same box as your power distribution panel, you'll now be able to achieve maximum visibility and control of your remote sites - without stationing any personnel there. From 1 rack unit of space, you can receive notifications about environmental conditions at your site (so you know if there's a threat to your gear) and remotely toggle power to all of your equipment - without getting up form your desk.

    How's that for maximizing your ROI?
  4. Industrial-Grade Durability
    You can't cut corners and skimp on the quality when choosing your power distribution panel. Any equipment that's important enough to be plugged into this device deserves to be connected to durable equipment. Your power distribution panel won't be able save you money and boost your productivity if it ends up breaking or failing. The easiest way to spot a cheap device is one that's housed in plastic. Don't settle for anything less than a powder-coated metal chassis that's built to withstand industrial environments.

Choosing the Right Power Distribution Unit
Can you imagine what's possible with remote control of your devices? Instead of dispatching your well-paid technicians to waste time performing simple tasks, they can just do it from their office. You'll see big gains in productivity - you can get more done while slashing costs. It almost sounds too good to be true - but it's not.

Power Distribution Panel (Smart Fuse Panel AB6) By enclosing an Entry Control Unit in a NEMA enclosure, you can achieve functions like entry control at outdoor locations, without having to worry about extreme weather damaging your gear.

The Smart Fuse Panel AB6 is the perfect power distribution panel for your network. It's a 3-in-1 device: a fuse panel, a power distribution panel/remote power switch, and an optional integrated RTU. This means from 1 rack unit of space, you'll have your fuse panel, the ability to remotely toggle power to your gear, and alarm monitoring. You can't get much more return from a 1 RU box.

To learn more about Smart Fuse Panels or about remote network monitoring and control, get in touch with the DPS experts for a free consultation.

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