Mediate Legacy Systems to Your Preferred Master or MOM

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Maintaining Separate Monitoring Systems Wastes Time, Effort, and Money

Your network has standardized on a single monitoring platform that does everything you want - except monitor that one oddball legacy system that doesn't do SNMP, or TL1, or even ASCII.

You'd like to get rid of that system, but you know you can't. It's essential for monitoring a small group of alarms that your modern master of masters can't handle.

But needing to maintain a separate monitoring system for those alarms is causing problems:

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Eliminate the Need for Specialized Terminals and Reduce Operational Costs

A protocol mediation device can bring the missing element of system integration to your network monitoring.

In this application, the obsolete legacy master is eliminated. Alarms from your legacy remotes are collected by a protocol mediation device that converts the alarm data into the native format of standard master.

Without having to go to the trouble and expense of replacing your legacy remotes, you can bring your legacy alarms to the same system you use to monitor the rest of your network.

Using an integrated platform for all your monitoring applications will:

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