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Gradually Migrate From Legacy Data Transport to LAN

Legacy Master
Originally, this site is monitored by legacy devices reporting via modem or serial transport.

Modern Master
The network monitoring system is upgraded with an advanced modern master that immediately expands monitoring capability while still supporting legacy remotes and legacy transport.

LAN- and serial-based remotes on same network
Net, modern LAN-based RTUs are installed at sites with LAN access. One-by-one, service channels are turned down when they're no longer needed. Since the new master supports both legacy and modern remotes, you can run both LAN-based and serial based remotes on the same network.

All legacy remotes replaced by LAN-based remotes
At the final stage of migration all legacy remotes have been replace by LAN-based remotes. The last service channel has been turned down. Dial-up access is retained as a secondary backup path.

Switch Over Your Data Network and Maintain Full Network Visibility Every Step of the Way

In this application, an advanced master that supports multiple data transports provides an easy transition from legacy transport to LAN.

Originally, this typical remote site is monitored by a legacy remote via serial or modem connection. In the first stage of the transition, the legacy master is replaced with a modern master that supports multiple transports. This immediately brings improved network monitoring and advanced alarm processing features to the network.

In the next stage, LAN access is gradually brought to all remote sites in the network. When LAN access arrives, site monitoring is switched over to modern remotes that support LAN transport. Because the new master natively supports both legacy and LAN transports, the switchover happens with little disruption to network monitoring.

This transition can happen as quickly or as slowly as you need. Transitioning all your sites to LAN access can happen over several budget cycles to minimize the impact on your capital expenditure budget and manpower costs for installation.