NEC 21SV Support Revives Chuck Wood's Legacy Remote Monitoring System

What do you do when you're building new sites and you can't get new RTUs? That was Cingular engineer Chuck Wood's problem when his NEC 21SV remotes were discontinued. Wood thought he faced a difficult choice between a forklift swapout of the NEC 21SVs or running two incompatible systems - but instead he found a DPS Telecom legacy support option.

Wood now has a T/MonXM WorkStation with a custom designed software module for polling NEC 21SV remotes. Legacy support enabled Wood to keep his NEC 21SV remotes in place, install NetGuardians at his new sites, and now he monitors all his alarms from TMon.

Problem: Wood Couldn't Buy New NEC 21SV Remotes

Wood was responsible for 350 cell sites in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire when NEC discontinued the 21SV remote and the 21GTX Fault Management System. (Wood now is in charge over 400 sites.) At each site, an NEC 21SV monitored microwave radios, MUXs, and environmental conditions.

Trying to maintain his remote monitoring system without vendor support gave Wood some serious problems:

Two Bad Choices: Forklift Swapout or Incompatible Systems?

Wood's most urgent problem was finding a remote monitoring solution   for his new cell sites. It seemed he had to pick between two bad choices:

New System Dilemma: Scan Points and Limited Visibility, or SNMP Manager and Difficult Configuration?

Whether he replaced the NEC 21SVs or not, Wood had to install a new system to monitor his new cell sites. But selecting a new system also involved tough choices. His immediate options were:

Solution: TMon Integrates Legacy 21SV Remotes with NetGuardian

Between those two choices, Wood decided to install SNMP remotes to report to OpenView. Wood consulted with DPS Telecom to evaluate the NetGuardian as an SNMP remote.

But as Wood became more familiar with DPS equipment, he discovered he had an opportunity to get better and easier monitoring of his new sites, and to integrate his NEC 21SV remotes on the same system.

TMon is more capable and easier than an SNMP manager

Wood decided that DPS's TMon Remote Alarm Monitoring System was a better platform for his monitoring needs than an off-the-shelf SNMP manager. At first we were looking at NetGuardians reporting to OpenView, but when we saw the capability and simplicity of TMon, we realized TMon would be easier to implement and we'd get better performance, said Wood.

Integrated support for Wood's existing NEC 21SV remotes

While Wood was evaluating TMon and the NetGuardian, DPS surprised him with an offer of polling support for his NEC 21SV remotes. "They told me they could develop a solution for polling NEC remotes for TMon. I wasn't really confident that it could be done, so I said, "Prove to me that it works, and I'll buy it, said Wood.

Results: NEC 21SV Support and TMon Capabilities

A year ago, Wood took delivery of his custom-developed solution, the 21SV Interrogator Software Module for TMon. This software module enables Wood's T/MonXM WorkStation to poll his NEC 21SV remotes in their native protocol. DPS also developed software for converting Wood's 21SV alarm database to TMon format, so no new database work was required.

Wood listed the benefits of his integrated solution:

Want More Information About TMon Legacy Support Solutions?

Chuck Wood's custom solution, the 21SV Interrogator Software Module, is now available to all DPS clients. NEC 21SV support is just one of the many integration options available for TMon, which supports over 30 standard, legacy, and proprietary protocols. TMon can consolidate all your alarms from all your remote sites to one screen, eliminating the need for multiple specialized consoles.

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