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Monitor your JungleMux SONET Multiplexer to Protect LAN over SONET

Do you use a JungleMux SONET Multiplexer to connect your LAN devices to your fiber network? This device is a vital part of your data transport and if your JungleMux goes down or fails to transport this data, you're losing connectivity to a lot of devices.

That's why you have to monitor your JungleMux. By monitoring your JungleMux, you can ensure you're protecting your network from outages.

Are you NERC compliant?
If you're a power utility, monitoring your JungleMux is likely also required for NERC compliance. Your JungleMux is a vital part of your telecommunications network, and must therefore be remotely monitored.

Two ways to monitor your JungleMux with T/Mon.
The T/Mon master station can monitor your JungleMux in two different ways.

  1. You can configure your JungleMux to send SNMP traps to T/Mon via VistaNet software.
  2. You can use a NetMediator RTU to collect TBOS alarms from your JungleMux and forward alarms to T/Mon.
monitor your junglemux
Monitoring your JungleMux can help you comply with NERC regulations and add extra layers of reliability.

The NetMediator T2S will mediate TBOS from your JungleMux to SNMP.
The NetMediator T2S alarm remote can mediate up to 8 TBOS devices and includes extra monitoring. You'll have 32 discrete alarm inputs, 8 analog inputs, 8 control relays, and 4 reach-through serial ports for monitoring your gear.

Another (SFP) fiber-based monitoring option: NetGuardian 216F.
If you have sites with existing fiber and you need to provide LAN for your LAN-based devices, you should also consider fiber-based RTUs that break out LAN for external gear. The NetGuardian 216F has a pair of SFP fiber ports and a 7-port 10/100/1000BaseT switch for your external gear.

With the 216F, you can tap into existing fiber lines to connect to sites where LAN may not be available or were you prefer to use fiber as your transport.

In many environments, this fact alone makes the NetGuardian 216F equal in value to more expensive LAN cards from your transport manufacturer. With the 216F, however, you also get a medium-capacity RTU for remote monitoring in the same 1 RU chassis. You'll get 16 discrete alarm inputs, 8 analog inputs, and 2 control relay outputs.

Call the experts to see how you can monitor your JungleMux.
When it comes to monitoring your JungleMux (and all of your other remote equipment), you're not alone. If you have any questions or want to speak with an expert who can help you determine what you need for your network, then call 1-800-693-0351 or email sales@dpstele.com.

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