Wireless Outdoor IP Camera At A Glance

The security market always seems to be growing. It is no surprise that camera technologies have advanced to keep up with the changing interfaces and networking capabilities.

IP, or Internet Protocol, cameras have become rather common in many applications. This is due to the ease of monitoring, storage of recordings, and a variety of other benefits that the older style analog cameras failed to offer.

While typically used for surveillance purposes, IP cameras are essentially a webcam. They're similar to those you may already have at home, but the terms "IP Camera" or "Netcam" are typically reserved for industrial applications.The older styles of security cameras relied on a direct wire-line link to a central recording station. With IP cameras, all video and audio recordings are sent across existing computer networks and the internet.

Wireless IP Cameras incorporate wifi connections in order to further increase application flexibility. By allowing cameras to remotely connect to a network, the mess of cabling can be avoided. It also allows for multiple cameras at one site to be monitored by a computer in another site. This is handled by transmitting the data through the wireless router and then across the internet.

May security measures involve maintaining visibility of the perimeter of a building or even at a remote site. Like all digital devices, water and environmental factors are ready and waiting to destroy the complex circuitry and sensitive parts contained inside. With security cameras exposed to the elements, it is incredibly important to maintain functionality no matter what the weather. Some even go as far as to add night-vision and motion-detection.

Wireless Outdoor IP Cameras offer the greatest range of visibility and security solutions of any currently available security camera technology. They're built with durable, waterproof housings. They have WiFi radio connections. They have a whole array of additional features,

If you have any questions regarding the use or applications of Wireless Outdoor IP Cameras, contact DPS at 1-800-693-0351

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