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IP Camera Recording Software for Event Monitoring and Control

When it comes to security cameras, being able to see what they see is only half of the equation. What happens when there is a monitoring and control event? Being able to review the video monitoring footage surrounding the event is important for security personnel and for the police should their involvement become necessary. With older CCTV cameras, a VCR would be used to record the images. With the advancements in video technology, computers and IP cameras are becoming more common in event monitoring and control systems.

IP cameras transmit their images across a LAN to a control center for viewing and storage. In order to utilize this feature, a program must be installed as a User Interface allowing for review, manipulation, and extraction of information transmitted by the camera.

IP camera recording software allows for many additional features to be utilized. Instead of just view/record functions, many programs have incorporated digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions, web viewing for remote access, command line integration, as well as automated functions such as analysis and motion detection.

Nothing can replace a well-trained guard when it comes to building security, but with the incorporation of IP Cameras and well-designed recording software, the additional monitoring capabilities will assist in ensuring your equipment, facility and personnel are secure.

One example of an IP Camera that supports recording is the DPS Telecom SiteMON IP. With this camera and remote telemetry unit (RTU) in one, you won't wonder what's going on at your sites. The new SiteMON enables you to make security decisions remotely, allowing you to dispatch on-call staff, security or even police. When used in conjunction with the T/Mon LNX, you will gain advanced functionality like triggered video capture.