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Utilities: Protect Your Network to Deliver Ultra-Reliable Service


Whether you're providing, electricity, gas, water, or a combination, you need to make sure your equipment is working and supplying resources to your customers optimally. But the very nature of being a utilities supplier makes monitoring all your equipment difficult. More than likely you have some sites that are remote and hard to get to. I might take up to a day just to have someone go to one site and make sure all your equipment is running correctly. And what if there is a problem? First of all, how are you notified of a problem? Perhaps you receive some phone calls from angry customers without power. And once you are aware of the problem, how do you know what caused it and how to fix it? If you have absolutely no monitoring in place, your system is going to go down without you noticing. If you have some monitoring, you might be notified of a problem but not necessarily the details.

But how do you integrate or improve your monitoring system? You can't trust the safety of your revenue generating equipment to just anyone. You need a reliable monitoring system backed by industry experts and a 30-day money back guarantee. DPS Telecom provides equipment designed to monitor power and transmission networks, helping you keep the lights on. With over 20 years of experience and the ability to make custom fit solutions, DPS can fit the right equipment to fit your needs.

With a near limitless number of possibilities, DPS Telecom can create a monitoring solution for you, regardless of size, number of sites and any other factors.National Grid uses multiple DPS Telecom masters to protect its fiber ring.