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Control High-Power Devices (up to 60A) with this Controller Extension Box

Allow your RTU's standard 1-amp relays to toggle up to 60 amps

Monitoring your equipment remotely is a huge time and money saver. It gives you visibility of equipment status, can help you more efficiently plan maintenance and reduces windshield time for your techs.

Controller Extension Box Application Diagram
The Controller Extension Box integrates with your NetGuardian to switch high-power devices.

Unfortunately, when things do go down, remote monitoring isn't enough. When a site goes dark, sometimes all you need to bring it back online is to power cycle a piece of equipment. But, sending a tech out to a site just to power cycle a device isn't very practical and gets more expensive the further out the site is.

Some RTUs have remote power-cycling capability, but they usually can't power cycle anything very large. If you have larger equipment that takes a high amperage, especially to turn on, you need a device built for such a task.

You can use this box to toggle up to 60A to:

  • Power-cycle frozen/stuck equipment
  • Power down some equipment to maximize run time during a power loss
  • Turn off a piece of equipment
  • Turn on a piece of equipment

The back panel is easy to wire up:

The Controller Extension Box is a compact relay box used to control power outputs. The unit is designed as a hardware accessory to complement the NetGuardian and enables relays from a single piece of equipment to control the power output into multiple devices. The Controller Extension Box supports high power-switching applications and enables the user to switch devices on and off remotely, reducing windshield and tech time. The Controller Extension Box is designed for straightforward installation, making it cost-effective and convenient to control the power of your entire network.

The back panel of the controller extension box

The Controller Extension Box is the perfect solution for switching devices beyond the load capacity of the NetGuardian. This device is customized to implement enhanced functionality for your network site by providing a number of integrated specifications:

  • A Single +24 VDC using Locking RIA Plug
  • Extended Support for 4 Relays
  • Individual Power Input for Each Relay
  • Supports Switching for Either Positive or Negative Voltages (Relative to GND)
To learn more about the Controller Extension Box, or to get a quote, call 1(559)454-1600 today.